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It's lunchtime, I'm in the library, and I'm bored. Story of my life.…

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It's lunchtime, I'm in the library, and I'm bored. Story of my life. The library's going to be closed for the next week; I don't know what I'm going to do with my lunch. I might actually have to go to the cafeteria! *gasp in horror* I don't know if I'll survive this week. I might go crazy, deprived of my library.
Happy Sunday after the Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox (Belated)! Seriously, that's the way Easter's date is determined. It has something to do with the Jewish calendar...I think. Not sure; trying to decipher Exodus is nearly impossible. Genesis is much easier to read, even with the begats. I had a very fun Easter...lots of chocolate and I got to spend the day with Charles, who is one of the few friends I can still stand to be around. We talked about Doctor Who and looked for Easter eggs--I twisted my ankle, but that's okay. Only now Mom is claiming that I hurt my ankle because my shoes are falling apart, and she made me replace the broken shoelace. Doesn't she understand sentimental value? These shoes have gotten me through a hellish year, and I'm going to keep wearing them until they're physically incapable of being shoes.
I just figured out HTML. Yay, me! Well, technically I already knew it, but I'd never tried it on LJ before, just Mugglenet. So, I repeat, yay me!
Well, that was an absolutely random use of my lunchtime. Better than eating lunch, I suppose.
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On April 9th, 2007 07:08 pm (UTC), lasselenta commented:
The library at my school is really nice, but sometimes kids have sex in it... o.O

I usually spend my lunches in the art room with my teacher Ms C. ^.^
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