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ONE OF MY STORIES IS PUBLISHED!!! *screams in delight* I AM AN AUTHOR!!! *screams some more*
Okay, I'm done now. I'm just so excited...if anyone who's reading this is interested, the story is "Paperwork," by me under my real-world name, Julia S., and you can find it in the fiction section of teenink.com as well as in the April issue of Teen Ink, which is in a lot of libraries. It's hopefully the first part of a three-part serial, if the wonderful editor (whose name is Kate) approves my second installment. If anybody reads it, they can tell me what they thought by leaving me a comment here. I'm really psyched...I've never been published before and the main character of this story is one I'm quite proud of.
I'm using another of my new Dresden icons...I love the hockey stick of doom. Did I mention that the Dresden Files rock? So do the books...this entry is sounding like an ad or something, isn't it? My apologies.
Last night's episode of Dresden was really good. I love episodes with Bob in them; he's the best character. Although he's better in the books...but he's still awesome. Bob rocks. And yes, I am obsessing. I have to do Something With My Time (note Capital Letters, indicating Something Important) while I wait for the US to get the third season of Doctor Who. Or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, whichever comes first. Either of those will set me off on new, even More Obsessive Tangents than Ever Before, with Many Capital Letters!
So...I think I'm going to go write some stories now. I have a lot I need to finish. My To-Do List O' Stories and Other Writing Stuff:
1. Song of the Olynne, for my NSLC friends who have been waiting patiently for months.
2. Paper Cut, third installment of "Paperwork"
3. Drawing the King's Dragon, a plot bunny that has grabbed me viciously by the ankles and won't let go
4. The Thirteenth Diadem, my perhaps-novel that I've been writing since freshman year.
5. My History essay on Nellie Bly, which is due on Thursday.
6. Revised version of I Have to Live On, one of my personal favorites, for that scholarship contest I've been meaning to enter
I think I'll work on #1 first, since it is number one for a reason and because I have been promising to write it since last summer. I HAVE started it, but I keep changing things and the characters keep running away with me.
So, on that note, I'm gone.
PS: I'M PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, had to say that One More Time.
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On April 3rd, 2007 12:29 am (UTC), lasselenta commented:
Hey, it's Laura!

Friend me, and congrats, and I shall reply via email soon!
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